About us

Kartonah is a Leading Global B2B e- Commerce all Categories of Turkish Outfit  Platform for  wholesale trade . We serve potential wholesalers, Buyers and Suppliers around the World under one Roof ,

Providing Trading Solutions with all new and Smart Features Supporting small and Large Retail Markets  ,Our  Mission is to make it easy to do Business anywhere.

The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in 2019 by Ahmad Badran  and Musaab Almasry ,Kartonah who have extensive experience in ecommerce and logistics 

 sells over 300,000 outfit  products,Men,women, children, baby and mothers, through its mobile-based platform. The ecommerce platform has hundreds of retailers, distributors, manufactures, and brands, as partners who sell their products at Kartonah.


We do this by giving Suppliers the tools necessary to reach a Global audience for their Products, and by helping Buyers find Products and Suppliers quickly and efficiently 

Our main advantage is to give  the opportunity to the  Small - Sized Buyers to join the large wholesale Buyers in the same Ground, connect directly with main Suppliers and have the chance to make their Orders at the same Prices as Wholesalers We optimize these customers to improve their experience and grow to be part of the world wide  high-sized wholesaler  .

How it works, is that the business has Hundreds of Products in different Outfit major Categories,Buyers for these Products are located in Different Countries and Regions, and exchange Hundreds of messages with Suppliers on our Platform each Day,our Sales team track the order status throughout our platform follow up the buyer order to logistics department all the way  till its completely purchased and forwarded to accountant section to submit there order and receive their invoice to be forwarded for there own personal shipper or delivery point  .


Our customer support is always there on spot to offer help, solutions and submit feedback .

As a platform, We continue to Develop services to help Businesses do more and Discover new Opportunities,The online software can be integrated using API or its ready-to-use plugins.

It’s free for businesses for the first 6 month  with no orders limitations  and uses a cost-per-order model to charge paying customers. A business with 1,000 monthly orders, according to the pricing information available on suppliers  website.


Kartonah plans to use the funds to scale the platform and launch new wellbeing products in the local market. The startup plans to expand our markets and grow larger in the coming years.